Top 10 Overwatch Halloween Skins We Expect in 2018 -

Top 10 Overwatch Halloween Skins We Expect in 2018

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Top 10 Overwatch Halloween Skins We Expect in 2018. The Overwatch Halloween event is coming, and we already have some hints for Legendary Skins. Let’s talk about it.
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Video by Rusty Molboxer
Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple

Music by Epidemic Sound

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  1. What about a Tracer skin where she dresses up as reaper like a reaper aesthetic all edgy and stuff because she mocks reaper when she kills him saying "death comes" and her boo voice line. And you would be able to tell the difference with Tracer being short af compared to reaper and maybe even make her mimic him more

  2. The skins I want are:
    Spider to Hammond
    Werewolf to winston
    Lost spirit to reaper
    WW1 nurse to moira
    And biker to soldier

  3. How about the skins from the Doomfist comic?

  4. I wouldn’t be mad if they gave Moira a medieval sorcerer skin with a cloak and when she fades and jumps ooooo

  5. its not a halloween skin but i really wanna see torb as Napoleon

  6. Okay, Blizzard needs to give Sombra a Predator skin. Think about it… With the new (admittedly garbage) movie out now that could be interesting… Look, she cloaks? ✔ she's fast? ✔ she shoots projectiles? ✔ she's an alien? ✔ (JK, PLEASE DON'T LYNCH ME.)

  7. For the recent event, Summer games, i got no new skins at all. Im hoping they fix the chances to be more generous. Ive been getting only getting blue items or sprays and uncommonly a purple. I never get a loot box till like 30-40 loot boxes later.

  8. I'd say widow is more likely to be figure skater because of being a ballet dancer

  9. Wouldn’t be suprised if “figure skater” was actually widow maker

  10. Bunny Dva for Halloween sounds more fitting

  11. I am rellay hoping widow gets a legendary skin.

  12. Of you Gona make skin request 2 months before event it wont work cuz Its too late And they dont have enought time to make these And they probably already have skins made, So think before u make video

  13. Hammond will be a ghost haunting a pumpkin!!

  14. If genji gets another skin while other characters like Moira and maybe widow have very little event legendary skins this is rigged.

  15. I really want to get a Cinderella skin, her meka could be her pumpkin carriage x3

  16. Slasher will probably be genji, he has swords and he has a mask

  17. Ghost-Reaper? Ghost-Widowmaker? Or Soldier 76? Or Moira? Not Sombra because she might be a skelly.

  18. I think that they should make a Tracer skin where she is in a WW1 army uniform.

  19. Watch blizzard make the spider queen skin for tracer

  20. We need a Jason Genji.

    We already Have slasher soldier, but WHO CARESSSSSSS :333

  21. Figure skate is only Symetra to bully you 😉

  22. The fact figure skater is the EXACT opposite character for symmetra is just omegalul

  23. Damn you missed the mark on slasher and figure skater

  24. Anyone else here after seeing the Zen emote tease?

  25. Well. You got your fairy skin for mercy.

  26. funny part is that he couldn't have been anymore wrong about the figure skater skin lol

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