Top 10 Things Critics Are Saying About Halloween (2018) -

Top 10 Things Critics Are Saying About Halloween (2018)
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Top 10 Things Critics Are Saying About Halloween (2018)
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It’s the slasher flick critics are screaming about. Join WatchMojo as we count down the mostly positive critical reception surrounding 2018’s entry in the “Halloween” franchise.

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List Entries and Rank:
#10. It’s the Best “Halloween” Sequel
#9. It’s Surprisingly Relevant
#8. The Cinematography Is Impressive
#7. It’s Funny
#6. It’s Terrifyingly Intense, yet Still Subtle
#5. It Will Appeal to Hardcore Fans
#4. David Gordon Green Does a Great Job
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. so when it comes out on dvd…… do i put it after the first movie ? or do i put it after the 8th movie ? or after Rob Zombies Halloween 2…………my shelf currently look like this 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,(1,2)

  2. It was a massive disappointment. Poor script. Predictable and even worse boring and zero tension. Zzzzzz,,,,

  3. so let me get this straight before i loose my trust in human rational thinking, because i fuckin dont get the point of cheering after having watched the film. its fine here and there but after michael hits the finals house… i mean, srsly its 2018, and people, knowing a serial killer is around walk up to strange places, unprepared unarmed like they begging to be next in the row? some twists are cool, i loved the scene where michael peeked first through the windows (reflection) and walked around the house to the backdoor (BEST SCENE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE) but i never feld the mood like you guys know the coin toss scene from "no country for old men" – . that movie gives me way more chills than this lame halloween 2018 that is supposed to tell the story of a woman, prepared years to catch her biggest fear and kill it, but gets the worst close combat guns, but being displayed to the audience as a ruthless motherfucking headshooting granny that has an entire room to store her practice targets. HOLY SHIT was i facepalming my head after she went after him in HER FUCKIN OWN HOUSE that even kevin in home alone would have prepared way better that this female wannabe soldier. from that last part on i was like, why am i watching this bs again? sure, its all to make the ending more exciting, but it feld cheap, so god damn cheap. i mean you can get a mac10, and uzi trade all those superlong shotguns for an smg like ups or h&k mp5/7 and spray and pray but she gotta take the longest mfing rifle you can easily push aside… oh and the fuckin spas-12 right beside? she took the old gun instead of a modern tactical "i fuckin wreck your shit up and everything you love" shotgun, bitch please!!! i cant be the only feeling betrayed by the ending and the trap that god knows somehow worked out as intended?! but is pretty weak to cheak the corpse after burning down? DA FUCK?! but stop here because, the more i think about it, the more i want to rip this shit movie apart and watch no country for old men again to get my mind straight. i hate this movie the more i think about it, and it was setting things up so good, but then went full yolo on my rational thinking brain -.-* btw, anyone knows the track at the prom when the DJ is shown? i loved the bass and cant find it in the OST nor by shazaam. maybe its not worth it, but i want to know if it's a real song i can listen to. thx for you attention 🙂

  4. I love every Halloween except the Rob zombie version

  5. Halloween 2 is far more better than this one.

  6. Best slasher sequel that is revive in this century 🙂 i am a big Myers fan but the friday the 13th remake is so bad… Michael is dominating the slasher movie right now with one sequel movie also a grey Jamie Lee Curtis with a new badass perspective of her after 40yrs

  7. 2018 was an amazing year for movies, we got this absolute Masterpiece, Deadpool 2, Venom, Infinity War, and Predator

  8. Unpopular opinion season of the witch is a great movie

  9. This is one of the very best Halloween movies ever

  10. Take notes Rob Zombie this is how you make a sequel.

  11. The movie was bad . Really . Who transfers Michael Majers in a normal police jail transfer van ..? Who does so much training with shooting and afraids to shoot or let his her mom alone with a killer … who tell me who hears her husband shooting outside and locks the door instead of picking up a gun . 1st Halloween was the best . This sucked hard and there are much more to say but I am bored . You must be stupid with low iq to like this movie

  12. While I enjoyed the movie, making it a sequel-reboot left it with several unnecessary flaws. The biggest issue I had with this movie was that it seemed to forget that it was a reboot that's supposed to ignore all the other movies except the first. This movie repeatedly forgets or flat-out ignores that it's a reboot because it acts like the other movies did happen. Let me explain.

    While it's horrible that Michael killed 5 people, everyone was acting like he was Charles Manson or something. There is a lot of violent crime in the world, far worse than what Michael did in the first movie, yet in this movie he's so infamous that everybody knows about him. Had this been a follow up to the other movies, then his "fame" would make sense. Rather, the infamy of Michael seemed to be for us since we as an audience know who he is and what he's truly capable of, but none of the characters, not even Laurie, know this, yet the movie seems to forget this and plays it off as if they do.

    They also acted like his mask meant something special to Michael, claiming it was "part of him". Again, while this may have worked if the other movies had taken place, having the mask mean this much or making Michael out to be anything more than a deranged killer to anyone else besides those that knew him didn't work with only the first movie coming before this one. If only the first movie takes place before this one, then the mask was nothing more than a random mask he picked up and wore for a single night of killing. It wasn't like the sequel movies where he wore it for years and year, and even gotten another one just like it when it was destroyed.

    Lastly was Laurie's paranoia and obsessive drive to kill Michael. Again, had this movie been a sequel to the H20 timeline, then Laurie's obsession would have made sense, but having only the first movie take place before this one completely blew Laurie's character out of proportion by turning her into a Sarah Conner preparing for Judgment Day or something. What exactly made her so "sure" that Michael would come for her one day for some final confrontation? If you don't count the 3 times she caught a glimpse of him in the first movie, their only interaction was a 5 minute chase scene after she just happened to walk in on his killing grounds. There was no supernatural drive, or "reason" behind his targeting her that would make her the way she was. Yes, I could see her being scarred from the experience and having PTSD, and I can even see her turning into a badass who swears to never be a victim again, but having her so sure that Michael is somehow going to escape and come after her one day that she literally lives her whole life around this belief, even turning her house into a trap, and living for the sole purpose of killing him is not only stupid, but doesn't make sense. Again, had this been a sequel to H2, H20, and HR, it would have made sense, but not as a simply sequel to the first movie. An easy way to fix all this could have been that Laurie somehow survived the stab and fall in HR, and then just tweak a few plot elements hear and there. Instead they tried to erase the whole Halloween timeline while still trying to ride on its coattails.

    Speaking of Michael's fixation with Laurie. Was there actually one in this movie? Technically, he didn't go after her specifically. After the doctor let him loose, he just went around killing random people, and just happened to come across Laurie's granddaughter; he didn't even know who she was. After that, he was brought unconscious to Laurie's house, where he merely continued his killing spree. So was it actually personal for him at all, because based on how things played out, he was just going around killing anyone in his path and by circumstances out of his control had Laurie placed in his path again, and merely continue his killing spree.

    You see, this is why this movie forgets it's a reboot so much, because it acts like the other movies did happen, even though they didn't in this continuum. Also, I must make it clear that I hate how they erased so much of Michael's mythology, particularly his motivation, his drive to kill, and his connection and reason to go after Laurie. I know it was an attempt to make him seem "scarier", like there was no reason for choosing her, it was simply a random act, but it felt like that didn't work. Simply having chosen her at random 40 years ago, and having him so intent on hunting her down decades later for literally no reason was just strange since there was no connection between the two of them. And don't tell me that they were "fixing" what they did in making them brother and sister in H2 because that was never supposed to be the intention in the first movie, because there were in fact plenty of clues in the first movie that hinted at the two of them being brother and sister, and they just didn't become obvious until it was directly stated in H2.

    Aside from the forgetting/ignoring it was a reboot thing, the movie had several plot points that simply went nowhere, and it had a stupid twist in making Michael's doctor evil. Also, it was kind of weird seeing Michael as a 60 something year old man. But overall, I enjoyed the film. I'd rank it #7 our of the 11 movies in the franchise, and give it a 6 out of 10.

  13. texting stories and ritualistic chalanges says:

    I am the biggest fan of Halloween and that one sucks although nick castle does do amazing and so does Jamie lee Curtis but the movie had to many off scream kills and the aren’t that good I mean if you watch it the intentionally used the butcher knife to cut a sandwich and the hammer was obvious they need to have more gore and honestly what was with the pumpkin in a fish tank why not the head ugh it just suckd

  14. HA…HA..HA…LOL…..LOL…bullshit " in crowd "all you want about this halloween….halloween 2 [ 1981 ] is a million times BETTER !!!

  15. …… unsubscribed… Laurie Strode Dies in Halloween Ressurection. This movie is fucked from the start

  16. Watched the movie. Soooo disappointed

  17. Idk what they talking about. I enjoyed all of the original movies but mainly 1,2 and 4,5

  18. It's not that bad it has a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes…

  19. What about the scene from H20 where Michael slowly descends from a pipe behind Laurie? That was an iconic moment.

  20. Michael Myers is a serial killer genius. All his victims are just so stupid that they deserved it. So are the people that keep remaking this FUCKING MOVIE!

  21. Can i just say this

    I never heard of michael myers until i was 12

  22. 1:20 how is that possible? Barely anything happened in the original

  23. I missed out on some other interesting things to tell

  24. Go back and see some things that you missed out on 10 things about to tell

  25. "Halloween Kills" will release until October 2020.
    "Halloween Ends" will release until October 2021.

  26. jaime lee definetely need in halloween franchise like Ripleey's Sigourney Weaver i do hope that she reprises her role with her final bow in a new alien movie hats off to these great heroines of movie horror/sci-fi genre

  27. Remember the crappy final girl in ressorection

  28. Why would someone critic this movie it was amazing critics are stupid and retards and you don’t include animals as kills I know rob did it but he has his own unique style for films especially horror

  29. Another unnecessary top 10 from Watchmojo

  30. "It's terrifyingly intense, yet still subtle." Michael myers in a single sentence.

  31. Am I literally the only one that dodnt like this movie?? Its literally the same thing as the original with a bunch of Danny McBride jokes and the worst twist I've seen in a movie in a long time. At least rob zombie tried to make something completely new. This new movie was just boring asf.

  32. The one thing I noticed was this michael is left handed and Nick is right handed

  33. My sister saw a tik tok ther is a new one 2021

  34. I can't wait for Halloween Kills next year!! 2021 and 2022 will boss years for horror films!

  35. As a Halloween fan I hated this movie(2018) it was terrible and awfully over saturated, very predictable and the list goes on
    +it was done for money but nothing new was ever done in this shitty movie
    +1981's sequel is till now the best sequel in the Franchise

  36. Imagine talking about Halloween 2018 and not its soundtrack lol

  37. Nick Castle only plays Michael in the mirror scene.

  38. There were several stupid things about this sequel, changing the relationship between Michael & Laurie, the “weak-clueless-helpless-men, super-hero-all-wise-women thing,” the deranged murderous doctor, virtue signaling SJW crap, etc…

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