Top 10 Times Video Games Actually Saved Lives -

Top 10 Times Video Games Actually Saved Lives
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Video games are a ton of fun, but who knew they could be used to save people’s lives? For this list, we’re looking at various ways video games have helped save people, whether that be through teaching important lessons, empowering players, or being a useful tool in other lines of work. Also, one can expect some heavy topics here, so viewer discretion is advised. Our countdown includes a laparoscopic surgeon’s love for “Super Monkey Ball,” how “BioShock” helped a gamer’s depression, how an “America’s Army” fan saved two people in a terrible traffic accident, and more!

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  1. Playing yoshi's island for the super Nintendo helped me overcome my parents divorce and my abusive household back then

  2. When my parents would constantly fight I get depressed. However, when I'm playing video games all of that depression vanished. And it's also taught me about cars.

  3. I got my drivers license thanks to GTA vice city 😂

  4. Jack Thompson was booted from the chat

    Thanks for the videos team Mojo
    Be safe and STAY blessed everyone

  5. I love this top 10 but… show the good with the bad. Top 10 times video games took lives

  6. I can say, without a doubt, that I won't be here typing this today without Gran Turismo 2, as it helped me get through an extremely difficult period in my life. So, yes, video games can save lives. 🙂🏎️🚗

  7. These stories need to be told more because not all video games are violent and cause people to be violent. I am not violent myself and I play games from Mario and Zelda to Doom and Wolfienstein.

  8. Videogames helped med through my dad’s cancer, it was a free space with NO worries at all. Unfortunately he passed when I was 15..

  9. We need a list like this for anime. Shows like Love Live, K-on and Kobayashi's dragon maid saved my life

  10. Lliiffe changing videos games! I always lloovve seeing the good side!🙂

  11. "Video Games Actually Saved Lives"? That's mostly unheard of.

  12. Tetris made me a better dishwasher. Not sure how that saves lives, but I can tell you this: I know my shapes and can clear a dish area in 15 minutes or less. If only the servers would play Tetris; so they too could learn shapes.

  13. I really thought the story of a family playing Pokemon Go together and saving this couple who almost overdosed in their car would be on here.

  14. Not Gonna Lie, some of these stories really got me tearing up.

  15. Finally a video from the media that doesn't treat games as bad as other people potray it

  16. Video games help me forget about my homework debts

  17. Top 10 best youtubers who saved lives

  18. There should be more of these positive contributions of gaming in mainstream media instead of the eternal "video games encourage violence".

  19. Whoever said that video games is not good for you is going to feel really stupid after watching this video.

  20. So, who's the very first person who says that video games can cause a violence?

  21. These are wonderful stories but I have to say I'm puzzled by the #1 entry.

    How did video games save his life? He should've died according to his doctors, but playing games took the cancer away?

    Did I miss a detail?

  22. Back when I was in high school, I fell in love with my best friend. He was the only guy that was ever kind to me and bold enough to stand by my side after I came out of the closet. He is straight, however, and as much I loved him back then, I knew he could never feel the same way back. We stayed friends after high school, but for YEARS I was so heartbroken at the fact that we could never be together. I always held hope in the back of my head: "Maybe some day we could be together. Maybe if "ABC" or "XYZ" happened, or if the stars just aligned a little differently…" I was constantly holding onto this false narrative of hope.

    When I played through the game "Life Is Strange" (the first game), I saw a lot of myself in the lead character, Maxine. (SPOILERS AHEAD) In the first 15 minutes of the game, Maxine witnesses a girl get shot in the girl's bathroom at school. Maxine trying to intervene, sticks her hand out to shout "NO!" and then suddenly wakes up in the classroom she was in just minutes earlier. Though it wasn't a dream, nor a premonition; Maxine had just discovered her ability to rewind time. Using her newfound power, she returns to the girls bathroom manages to save the girl she witnessed get shot. It's revealed shortly after that the girl from the bathroom was actually Maxine's former best friend, Chloe. Chloe was unrecognizable because of how much time Maxine and Chloe spent apart after some drama from their childhood.

    Over the five-part episodic game, Maxine and Chloe mend their relationship and become best friends again. The game gives you many different plots and sub-plots where you're faced with making tough decisions. You eventually even discover that Maxine has the ability to rewind time so far back that she can alter choices from her childhood; creating an entirely different timeline of her and Chloe's life. The game certainly gets you emotionally invested.

    But in every episode, Chloe keeps ending up in situations where she dies. It's only because of Maxine's power to rewind time that Chloe barely manages to escape death time and time again. It becomes clear in the last episode that when Maxine saved Chloe from dying in the first episode, Maxine had *altered fate*. By saving Chloe's life and changing fate, she created a massive lethal storm that's heading straight for her hometown. When the game comes to an end, you're faced with one final decision: Do you save Chloe and let the entire town die from the storm because you kept trying to change fate? Or do you save the town by rewinding time back to the very first episode? Back in the girl's bathroom; where instead of intervening, you stay hidden and silent as you witness your best friend die; like fate had planned all along.

    I stared at that final-decision screen for nearly ten minutes, and just cried. Because it was the perfect metaphor for me and my best friend. I knew that by holding onto my unrequited love for my best friend, I was making my world around me suffer. I created this distorted reality, painting this scenario in my head that maybe somehow we really could be together. But in doing so, it kept making me miserable time and time again; preventing me from ever moving on with my life. Staring at my television screen with that final choice, it dawned on me: It just wasn't meant for us to be together. I need to let him go…

    I chose what felt like the "right" decision in the game. I let Chloe die to save the town. I bawled my eyes out for some time, even as the credits started to roll.

    That was many years ago. Since playing Life is Strange, I was able to accept reality and move on with my life. Since then, I've had the privilege of dating and falling in love with a handful of other men since my "high school crush" on my best friend. He and I are still best friends to this very day. It's been 17 years. In fact, just this previous month, I attended his wedding as his best man. His wife is so complimentary to the person he has become. They really are perfect for each other. I am genuinely happy for him.

  23. Never underestimate the healing powers of music, film, telly, and games. They have gotten me thru many a tough time. Great list.

  24. To those preaching ''video games are bad'', sucks doesn't it?

  25. I wish mom can understand that and know that i am not wasting my life time playing Halo Ce and 2, Call of Duty classics, GTA games, and Elder Scrolls titles….

  26. And yet, there are still people that say: "It's just a game."

  27. Both of my kids were really dyslexic, and it was video games (Pokémon in particular) that made them improve their reading skills way more than the school's program for dyslexia. It made them need to read to play the game, and therefore WANT to read, even when it was difficult. Now both of my kids don't struggle nearly as much when reading things at or above grade level than they probably would have if I hadn't picked up the video games for them.

  28. Usually you hear about video games killing people, not the other way around.

  29. I really own Dan Salvato a least a part of my life. I have been suffering from dpression ever since I can remember, but had been in denial for about 7 years or more. Then 2018 came and I discovered Doki Doki Literature club, the game was amazing and honestly as well written as a game can be.
    I loved it, but one thing bugged me, I related too much to Sayori, a character with depression that eventually commits suicide. Many people would say that the moment where you see Sayori, a lovable character, hanging from the roof of her bedroom would only cause distress and encouragement to follow her doing, I saw it as a wake up call.
    She is still my favorite girl from that game, a kind of role model for the person I wanna be, and seeing her in pain and crying, only to find her dead the next morning made me realize how similar I was to her, made me question whether or not I was mentally sane, and the shock of seeing her lifeless body still helps me understand just a bit ofthe pain I could cause people if I did the same.
    The amazingly written character who I fell in love with and saw as the better version of me, killed herself, what does that mean for me? Of course there were many factors to why I decided to ask my mom to take me to a therapist, but DDLC helped me get help, and I can't imagine where I would be with out it.
    TL;DR: a well written character with depression made me question if I had depression and is something I look back to remind myself the pain I can cause by offing myself.

  30. As a kid, I played Super Monkey Ball on the Xbox to death. lol

  31. After my third suicide attempt, I got into Skyrim pretty bad. When I was contemplating another attempt, I would tell myself that I needed to finish the quest I was working on. Since Skyrim has a near endless amount of quests, I never got around to that fourth attempt

  32. Animal Crossing City Folk helped me while I was in such severe pain due to migraines. It turned out I had a broken tooth that sent pain up one side of my face, but just the relaxing atmosphere and all, it helped me calm down to a point the pain was tolerable.

  33. These people were playing games for right time and right purpose. Anyone who got addicted through gameplay or say that video games are bad for you, are dumb and besides that they are not gamers, don’t know anything about video games

  34. Ok we are Playing Donkey Kong 😏🎮 🦍🍌

  35. The way video game saved my life was I got into the music mainly because it helped me get through my days and playing online with people around the world even if you don’t get to see your friends much because of this pandemic has helped me to in joining the community and going to conventions related to video games has helped me a lot and it’s been really great for me and because of my disability I’m proud to be a gamer

  36. I don’t have any friends that I haven’t met over the internet. They’re all great and I hope to meet a few next year.

  37. I will lie to you there have been a lot of times in my life as a disabled girl who wasn't even supposed to live past the age of two years old

  38. Well…. There is a game out there that can help you lose weight (Among other like it but they're not as physical as it) called Ring Fit adventure. That game actually makes exercising fun

  39. Anything can be used for good… anything can be used for bad… anything can be beneficial to us or hurt us…

    Video games are no exception…

  40. This goes to show you that video games are more than just games.

  41. Videogames is practically my life. I'm not sure what game it was or if it was a game (I'm sure there's some out there with a technique I'm mentioning.)

    Did you know that a tampon can save a life? How you asked.

    Let's look at the subject first. Tampon, what does it do and what shape is it?

    It's a sterile tubular object meant to absorb blood and/or stop the bleeding while inserted into a hole.

    Guys, don't be afraid of picking up or carry tampons because if you get shot, you can take out a tampon and put it into the bullet hole thus slowing up bleeding or downright stopping it allowing medical professionals to take over.

  42. As a kid, I had to deal with major medical issues and ended up in the hospital a lot. The release of Red and Blue helped ease the boredom. Pokemon has also helped me make more friends and connect with people.

  43. I have to say playing games with buddies is the best time. Even when am being taken for granted and or am Thanos out of someone else’s world. Games are the perfect motivation to have hope and a reason to do my job well. Games give me a motivation to exist even when the world gives me none.

  44. When I was 16 or 17 (memory is a little foggy at times around this period) i had a brain infection with a 95% kill rate. My body reacted to the infection by causing staring seizures that mimicked strokes and would leave me limp/ paralyzed across my entire body. I was also left so weak i couldn't walk without help and would struggle to move at all.

    During that time I played skyrim and the fact that i could have my character walk and move around when I couldn't just by pushing on the controller with my thumb a lil helped me immensely with my mental health as I felt trapped in a body that couldn't move. During the seizures of I had my hands and fingers in the right positions when everything went numb and limp my character could atleast walk in a straight line across a field.

    Skyrim was one of the things that helped me through that period in my life. Video games can help people, and even save lives.

    I later had a severe mental breakdown after recovering (apparently its common for minors who survive the same brain infection that i had) and the game helped as well through it.

    At 25 my life and health is getting back to what it use to be before the brain infection and skyrim is still one of my favorite games.

    Of course covid has taken a hit to my health with my now f-d up lungs but still, love that game

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