Top 10 Video Games of 2018 -

Top 10 Video Games of 2018

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  1. I don't agree on Soul Calibur 6. After seeing all those recycled assets i just lost interested in it. Seriously almost all equipment pieces are from 4 and 5.

  2. Finally my anime lover dude posted his top ten! I'm so proud

  3. I remembered your halo video, while watching halo MCC P.C. and thought “Now Gamertron can finish the fight”

  4. 2019 is looking to be the best year for gaming in a while
    If not the best year ever

  5. Fir— not first…
    Jeepers. Guess I better buckle up. Good to see ya GT 🙂

  6. Red dead redemption 2 better be 1

    Edit:wow not what I expected

  7. Nice to see Darksiders 3 making it on the list.
    I got into the franchise recently, by buying Darksiders Warmastered.
    I play the original version of it at the moment, because someone gave me a used copy of it and I had to use it somehow.

  8. Wait, what controversy surrounded FarCry 5?

  9. TRON-SENPAI IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Great use of the destiny forsaken soundtrack.

  11. Perhaps you should work on your top 10 list at the beginning of December and use footage of your first playthroughs of the games that you store as private videos on YouTube so it won’t take 3 months to make your top 10 videos.

  12. We’ve missed your optimism in this time of year where people are rebelieving that the gaming crash is still going to happen.

  13. Halo mcc is coming too steam later this year so you can finally finish halo.

  14. Finally some positivity during a time when some dumb culture is ruining gaming for me.

  15. The fact that you made Bojack Horseman in Soul Caliber made my day.

  16. I feel judging MHW for its story is kind of unfair. Yeah its not great but still…

  17. Damn it been a month forgot I was subscribed to you.

  18. Hey, Gamertron.
    I just wanna say thank you. Out of all the youtuber I've watched over the years, you were the one to influence me the most.

    Your passion for video games resonated with me when I was beginning to take video games for granted and now I look at video games with the same ignited passion as yours.

    You have also inspired me to be more open with my own opinions, I've realized that I have grown sick and tired of being part of a hivemind gaming community and only looking at popular AAA games instead of acknowledging and playing hidden gems in the Indie and AA space.
    I don't care anymore about what other people think, I have started to express my own opinions and passions for the games that I love.

    So again, thank you! Thank you for being a huge influence for my gaming lifestyle. You are literally my favorite gaming youtuber, I look forward to your videos more than pewdiepie's videos.
    Super excited to see what types of videos you will make in 2019 and to see your thoughts regarding DMC5 as well as Doom Eternal!

  19. GamerTron, did you know that Gris is Spanish for Gray? It's rather fitting since the studio behind Gris is located in Barcelona, Spain. Also, what did you think of Anthem?

  20. Hot damn, I thought you said it'd be 30 minutes! I'm gonna need to set aside time for this one, get some popcorn…

  21. This man, bringing delight and optimism in a overzealous cynical worldview housed by many gaming YouTubers. I applaud you not following the others down the Rabbithole. Wonderland isn't as special as it used to be.

  22. Are you back for good now, @TheGamerTronShow? I hope so, I really enjoy your videos, like this one

  23. Thanks so much for the video. We've been waiting a while for this one. Great list
    And also….. if you haven't yet, PLEEEEEEASE play Ori and the Blind Forest. Its a phenomenal platformer with a gorgeous world, music, and a tear jerking story. Hands down one of my favorite games ever. Its sequel will be coming out this year as well 👌

  24. If your not a fan of J-rpgs because you don't like turn based combat tales of beseria symphonia and many other tales games are great and have a combat system thats kind of like a fighting game

  25. Good list. Certainly am interested in checking some of these games out. BTW have you played Joker's Wild yet? Lots of fun and cool lore.

  26. The gimmick of Omensight kind of reminds me of Sexy Brutale.

  27. Is it just me or does Strife in darksiders look a lot like a destiny guardian?

  28. I don't know,I kinda thought Far Cry 5 was a "meh"and had a upsetting ending (yes I also played New Dawn) .Monster Hunter was fun but got boring fast and was repetitive as all hell.I think one of my favorites would be RDR2 and GOW.The best game I played the most last year would have to be RE7.I'll repost later when I actually watch your video.

  29. The gamertron…you may now finally..finish. the fight

  30. I don’t know how much more obvious it needs to be that Game Publishers need to be made extinct when you have passionate indie developers blowing people’s minds with games like Omensight, Journey, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Gris, Axiom Verge, Shadow Complex, Dead Cells, Celeste, Ori & the Blind Forest, Unravel, etc., while the greedy AAA publishers continue to produce shit like Fallout 76, BO4, Battlefront II, BFV, Anthem, NFS: Payback, and other broken or heavily monetized trash.

    All that aside though great video GT, I think I’ve seen every one at least since I wanna say 2014, possibly further back.

  31. With what program did you create the video?

  32. Hmmm! You just got us interested in Omensight! Thanks!

  33. Okay, I admit, this video has convinced me to donate to you on Patreon — sorry for all the BS copyright strikes, dude. And thank you so much for putting the niche and overlooked games on the list (e.g. Spacelords and Vampyr). Keep up the amazing work! ♥

  34. The only bad thing about this video is its not 60fps

  35. My favorite for me is Destiny 2 Forsaken and Hitman 2.

  36. …My name is Evan, so it was very strange hearing someone comment on my friendship I don't have, much less saying I'm pure and innocent.
    I guess I need to play Ni No Kuni 2 now…

    Dammit GamerTron, you shouldn't have told me about this game!

  37. sadly if I game is mid evil fantasy I won't play it… I'm not a fan but I'm a huge scifi geek .. trying to find some great scifi games and series tho I'm not a fan of metro wolfenstein does ex or bioshock because of personal reasons 🙁 … do you have any recommendations

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