TOP 15 INSANE Details In Video Games 2018 -

TOP 15 INSANE Details In Video Games 2018

Captain Eggcellent
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2018 has been a good year for video game details. In this video I countdown 15 of my favourite details in games that released this year including details from Red Dead Redemption 2, God Of War, Battlefield V and many others!

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15 INSANE Details In Video Games 2018
15 INSANE Details In Video Games 2018
15 INSANE Details In Video Games 2018
15 INSANE Details In Video Games 2018
15 INSANE Details In Video Games 2018


  1. When you put someone on the water I rdr2…

    I realized I was dumb because I thought why don't they roll out of the water with their bodies and I remember that's impossible.

    I am dumb.

  2. I actually dislike that you tend to jump between the same games all the time.

    Instead of having 3 details from 1 game we have 3 details from 3 games three times.
    Why not putting als RDRD2 details all together?

  3. A cool detail I found in red dead 2 is during a random encounter where you find a man with an injured arm fall off his horse, and you have to bring him to a doctor where he gets it amputated, in which after the amputation you can see the severed limb’s fingers twitching

  4. speaking of the details of read ded, about the bandages. i once shot a guy's head off with a sawn off shotgun, and he was back, with nothing but a bandage.


  6. I didn't even know they drew testicals on the horses- or anything else. How did anybody find that they change size, I have no idea…

  7. heres one. not great but anyway. if a tornado in jc4 is on land its bottom is brown but if in water its more clear and blue

  8. This one isn't really "insane" but in just cause 4 civilians in cars will swerve if you drive into oncoming traffic. (This wasn't in the other jc games). There's dozens and dozens more really small details in just cause 4 so maybe you can make a video on JC4 "insane" details or AT LEAST feature one or some in a small details video plz. Thanks.

  9. What about when you throw a cocktail at a building in red dead 2?

  10. Here is a great feature: in Battlefield V when a scout is on a killstreak he will count his kills.

  11. Things that make me happy

    Captain Eggcelent
    Captain Morgan

  12. I have to say, i have been going through a lot of family and personal problems and when I’m sad i just go to my room and watch these videos and it really helps me forget about the situation I’m in. Keep up the videos

  13. readmyusernamecauseitsso superduperreallyohsolong says:

    3:41 your character will ambiently look at other teammates

  14. readmyusernamecauseitsso superduperreallyohsolong says:

    Just listening to the Spiderman theme makes me want it even more, and it's yet another reason why it'll be the first game I'm buying when I get a ps4

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