Top 20 NFL Games of the 2018 Season -

Top 20 NFL Games of the 2018 Season

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The Top 20 NFL games from the 2018 Season.

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  1. I hate seeing the Chiefs losing the last three games in the video

  2. It makes me so mad as a saints fan to know we could’ve made it, and won a Super Bowl if they called pass interference

  3. Ok we all know that was pass interference in the nfc championship

  4. When the rams were good

    Good times man

  5. omg
    I wish we had rams chiefs in the sb not the rams pats

  6. everyone knows it shouldve been the chiefs and saints that year…

  7. That no pass interference call for Saints vs Rams Championship was such Bullshit

  8. Bears @ Dolphins, week 6. Go and watch the second half of that NOW. And then try and explain how the Super Bowl is better.

  9. Someone tell me how afc championship is better than chiefs at rams

  10. NFL getting real comftorable with these turbotax non-skippable ads

  11. How was super bowl 53 on there. That game was awful

  12. as a pats fan why did we have to get the most stressful game my heat was pounding so hard

  13. Miami Miracle > Steelers vs Saints
    Chiefs vs Rams (WK 11) > ALL GAMES IN 2018 SEASON

  14. are you guys watching this during the super bowl is being played?!

  15. I think the afc championship was number 1 because it was more monumental then week 11

  16. First thing, why is the rams patriots Super Bowl on here? Second, why is the chiefs rams not #1!!?? What???

  17. Wait why was the super bowl on here that has not Evan a top 50 game

  18. As a patriots fan I still can say there’s no way that chiefs vs pats was #1

  19. Number 2 is like a game that I would play in my backyard by myself

  20. they somehow got the rams patriots as a good game #8…(im a rams fan) and rams chiefs not #1? NFL is seriously dumb

  21. Who else got mad at Cody Parkey after that doink just because he has no skill whatsoever

  22. Tbh i really don't think that the super bowl made the top 20 list lol


  24. 1,000 time: Tonight Im gonna eat fried Avocado tacos Me: Breaks my iPad screen

  25. Crazy it’s been 2 years. I get hit with the nostalgia a lot. I remember the chiefs and Seahawks game like it was yesterday.

  26. idk i think the rams vs chiefs was the best game

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