Top 5 Spooky Steam Games for the 2018 Halloween Sale -

Top 5 Spooky Steam Games for the 2018 Halloween Sale

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Here are my Top 5 Spooky Steam Games in the Halloween Sale

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  1. nice list. I would pick Dead Space 1 instead of 2 since 2 is too much Action focussed. And it's crazy that F.E.A.R. still has the best enemy A.I. ever seen in a fps. Not a Single game today comes near to that A.I. of F.E.A.R. and that was a 2005 game.

  2. 1:50 – Dear god, that scared me.
    I only played Resident Evil. That remake expanded the game is a such a good way.
    One of the best remakes along with Metroid: Zero Mission.

  3. Bought Voodoo Vince Remastered for $5. I hate to give KidSmoove credibility, but it looks like a decent 3D platformer and the price is right.

  4. I can't get into resident evil 4. I played dead space first and controls we're smoother

  5. If I remember correctly, Dead Space 2 has a key on Steam that you can also activate on Origin.

  6. My thought process: "Only $3… But you don't like horror games… But only $3!"

  7. Or Get the Pcsx2 emulator and play Silent hills 2 the best Horror game ever made for free.

  8. Man the way you talked made me tingle lol. I got to give you heaps of praise for putting older games on the list. A lot of people act like playing games 3months to a year after launch is somehow bad. I obviously disagree and I like this list. My recomendations would be pretty stereotypical
    – outlast
    – Allen isolation
    – amnesia the dark descent
    But 2 that would probably be uncommn choices
    – doom 3 bfg edition
    – lethe episode 1

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