TOP 7 INDIE games - HALLOWEEN 2018 (HORROR) | MyIndieWishlist -

TOP 7 INDIE games – HALLOWEEN 2018 (HORROR) | MyIndieWishlist

My Indie Wishlist
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The Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game 00:01
VAMPYR 01:00
Fear THE WOLVES 04:59
Space Hulk Tactics 06:50
The Light Keeps Us Safe 08:49

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  1. Hey guys I am a humble writer from scotland 🏴 . I have written a character based horror song called masters of horror for all you lovers of the genre and Halloween. I have done this because I couldn’t think of another type of song idea like this. I am just a writer and a musician and by no means any kind of producer but I do the production on my songs to the best of my ability. Please add my idea to your Halloween playlist this year and hit that subscribe button. peace lv j

  2. Hey! Could we talk about an indie game? Contact me via discord @ Darknesslayer#9504. Thanks!

  3. Call of cthulhu looks great! I love horror games! 🙂

  4. Hell yeah, been waiting a long time for a lot of these

  5. All the horror games that Doom Guy can handle.

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