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Undertale Medley (video Games Live Regina 2018)

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My gosh, they really showed their determination here!

I knew when they played that “Mario is Too Mainstream” video to lead into this, I was expecting something indie game-related. I thought to myself “oh it’s probably gonna be Undertale, isn’t it”

Lo and behold… The entire show was just amazing. If you like orchestral music but don’t like actually going to an orchestra, or just into VG music in general, you HAVE to see this show.


  1. Is no one gonna talk about that SPECTACULAR animation on the screen?

  2. Lol my music teacher conducted this lm not even joking.

  3. もっと高評価されるべきだ

  4. I wish this happen someday on my city 🙁

  5. You’re that one asshole who records with flash

  6. Now this is a live performance I would go to

  7. can i have the link of all the animation please :V

  8. Where can I watch the animation

  9. Do you have any source of animation used in the screen?

  10. So no one so far knows what animations are running on the screen? I know of a few of them as I have seen them.
    I wish to know where to find the "Once upon A time" animation from the start

  11. This just shows us undertale is still remembered as an amazing game with amazing soundtracks. And I'd love to be there if I knew it was going to be undertale.

  12. Hmm I see they used the "genocide interpretation" animation for sans in the end. Btw did anyone else notice this?


  14. This video deserves more views. An exquisite piece of melody and animation. You earned a subscriber.

  15. The video does not do this justice 🙂 I was here live and the whole performance was so good

  16. Me: *bows to the people who thought of this to show them how much respect I give to them
    The people who thought of this*
    Me: thank u for playing undertale music I loved it 🙂
    My brain: I respect all undertale fans ;-;

  17. I LOVE undertale I have to see it with my eyes (I'm a fangurl UwU)

  18. I love Megalovania it's the best battle song!

  19. My friend: What are you listening to?
    Me: *Plays megalovania
    Also my friend: WTF do you always listen to it???
    Also me: ….Yeah?

  20. I have loved it for a long time that I have not seen a show like this

    I've get out of words

    You took the words away from me!
    I have an epic video.

  21. the fact there was people cheering makes me happy

  22. The srceen tho-
    Wheres Toby???!?!?!
    He will be amazed if he sees thoise!

  23. Nobody:

    That one guy in the back during Undyne's part: Fuhuhuh

  24. The ending was just all the big bosses of all 3 routes

  25. muy bueno y gracias pero creo que no lo vediste de haber grabado, esta prohibido

  26. This game was made by one man and it has this now

  27. пусть кошмары начинаются! says:

    I got excited like I was there.

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