VEGETA, the evolution in video games [1990 - 2018] -

VEGETA, the evolution in video games [1990 – 2018]

Video Games Evolution
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On the occasion of the release of Dragon Ball Fighterz, discover in this video the evolution of VEGETA in Dragon Ball video games from 1990 to 2018. I have deliberately not integrated some card games in which there are no animated characters.

– Thumbnail Vegeta Sprite by dengar199 :


➥ GOKU, the evolution in video games [1986 – 2018] :

➥ CELL, the evolution in video games [1992 – 2018] :


  1. Crazy how alot of us didn't know about this til a lil show called toonami… I'm 30 and it's older than me.. But this whole time I thought it started in the 2000s til I saw Dragon ball.. ish blew my mind..

  2. You forgot Jump Super Stars, Jump Ultimate Stars, J-Stars and Jump Force

  3. Trunks: do you really believe your own hype that much?
    Vegeta: I AM THE HYPE!

  4. Idk why they always misscolor vegeta’s attacks. Blue final flash, yellow and red galick gun and in the actual newest movie ( dbs broly ) they also made Vegeta’s galick gun yellow for some reason.

  5. Ei amigo pra android falta o Dbz legends ai

  6. I feel like the Final Flash should be a bigger deal. He's always spamming that like it ain't shit. We hardly ever see the Big Bang Attack after the Final Flash shows up, or god forbid the Galick Gun. I miss seeing his crazy purple beam. He does it a couple of times in Super, and that's nice, but…

  7. Guys what is the best dragon ball game for ps4 in your opinions. I have zfighter right now, is xenoverse any good or xenoverse 2?

  8. plz remake kyoshoo sayaijin 🙁 also hyper dimension have some nice trippy vibes

  9. Dragon ball z tenkaichi budokai 3 is my favorite dbz game

  10. 外国版のベジータの声キモw

  11. Budokai Tenkaichi 1-3 and Xenoverse 1 and 2 are the best Dragonball games.

  12. I didnt know dbz super butoden 2 was on a nintendo console but hey fighterz is on the switch so I'm not judging

  13. Dragón ball fighter z también es para Xbox 360??

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