Video games changed my life man -

Video games changed my life man

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Video games are one of my favorite things on this planet and this is how they impacted my life. Also im hungry.

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  1. I'm doing a persuasive essay on why video games aren't harmful and this video gave me some arguments thanks

  2. It’s 1:18 PM and I am drinking chocky milk

  3. So now we can conclude that billy sucks, cus this channel might've not even existed if Adam didn't get a replacement.

  4. I like how the DSI just disappears out of his hands.

  5. Wow look at that and grounups say ther stupid and rot youre brain
    But sike video games are THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD

  6. You: I love ppl I'm an extrovert but everyone found me loud and annoying
    Me: hey bestie sameeeee 💅

  7. 0:53 (super smash Bros music starts playing) /ADAM/ ITS MY TURN TO USE IT >:L

  8. I did not have an intendo? IDK hoh to spel it but i did not have it

  9. I still have a DS and im trying to find a way to charge it

  10. nxfm.hndwkl;jtbh krsfghrsklugiukghskjuhgjksghgujgh;oudheo;htodishor is me

  11. Here you go
    Oh boy
    Robot will rule your aaaahhhhhj

  12. I wish the animation program was added to the Nintendo switch.

  13. I love your videos but there’s a problem bad words.

  14. Theeeeee bagel is among the world’s best inventions yessss

  15. "Video games cause violence"
    Adam's opinion :

  16. “i’m an extrovert”

    imagine actually enjoying others company i could never

  17. I love the lines “I don’t see how this correlates to you being an animator

  18. your my favorite animator don't tell jade : 3

  19. I am an introvert so does anyone want to be friends

  20. How would you play Xbox with a game cube control

  21. I love video games I want to be a YouTuber because of video games

  22. I lost my dc in India sadly and now there is no more dc in the world

  23. I sometimes play on the Nintendo 64

  24. You think I’m a “Simple tin”?

    Mom says it’s my turn to play on the Xbox.

  25. One reason I like this guy because my name is also Adam

  26. That’s very true actually but I didn’t play video games when I grew up. I mostly

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