Video Games Live Performs Overwatch | Gamescom 2018 -

Video Games Live Performs Overwatch | Gamescom 2018

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Enjoy the music of Overwatch performed by the Video Games Live orchestra at Gamescom 2018!

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  1. Ahh back in the day… Overwatch was so fun… Overwatch content was entertaining…
    The song always gave me nostalgia and hope…

  2. I know this has been said a million times already, but I would definitely watch an Overwatch movie!

  3. i just realised that widowmaker wanted volskaya to move more to the right so she could shoot her, but why couldn't she just move a few steps to the right herself?

  4. I was hoping for the music from Dragons or Honor and Glory.

  5. Do more new characters make like a ant man character

  6. I want more live orchestras like this in Overwatch important events like OWL and OW World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. PLEASE bring Overwatch to the switch, it will be so cool and so much if you can do that, please make it happen

  8. Is so cool😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  9. you should make that PS, Xbox and PC players can play together

  10. WOW Blizzard your "game" is sooooo "GREAT!" 8 Loot boxes A BLUE and 3 GREYS!! ALSO all people do is Spam Brigitte and Moira. clap

  11. When wil the mooie of overwatch Coen i cant zwaait si exited 😭 and great work overwatch love the game

  12. If I was there I don’t know which I’d look at more. The short or the amazing orchestra. Especially as I’m a saxophonist and a pianist in a few orchestras

  13. i play overwatch and i was at gamescom

  14. Has there ever been a gamescon in Mississippi before if not even if there has can u guys please come to Mississippi me and my brothers would love it and so would my dad so please have on in Jackson miss please and the first one in this is awesome

  15. god dammit revert the freaking mercy already whats wrong with you

  16. 2:36 Noob tracer spotted : she missed an occasion to one clip widow

  17. Plz Nerf bastion, he is too op

  18. What most fortnite 12yr olds dont see

  19. As nice as Infiltration's soundtrack was to hear, it seems like one of the weaker soundtracks to the animated shorts. Imagine hearing the woodwinds from The Last Bastion, or the choir solo from Honor and Glory performed live. The band was excellent, but they could have done better when choosing what to play.


  21. It bothers me greatly that there are cameramen on stage and they film only the strings. The horns carry the theme people!

  22. The part that touches me the most is the way they tell the story: The older brother represents all of us who're cynical with the world, and punchkid is the kid in all of us, who tells us chivalry and doing whats right is important. And we all know that in the end, the older brother picked up the guts to do what was right to help out.

    We all have a bit of faith left in the world/humanity, sometimes we just gotta take that little step/decision.

    At the same time, it also tells us that hey, we can all be heroes in our own way. You don't have to do a big thing to be a hero.

  23. Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  24. Overwatch would make a badass animated full feature film

  25. this is fake, where are the french horns? @ 00:38 he's conducting at the wrong tempo. they literally just put on a recording and hired a cheap orchestra to look like they're playing.

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