Video Games of the Year in 2018 in 13 Minutes! | Arcade Cloud -

Video Games of the Year in 2018 in 13 Minutes! | Arcade Cloud

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Between Dad of War, RDR2, Assassin’s Creed, and Spider-man, it was an amazing year! Check out this compilation of the stories of ALL OF THOSE GAMES!.

2018 Games of the Year in 12 Minutes! | Animated Compilation

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  1. One huge problem in rdr2 is you never mentioned his huge illness through majority of the game

  2. i really like oddesey, but i understand if God of War or Rdr2 wins.

  3. Keaton’s beats Zeus with his bare hands… the animation shows him using a sword hahaha RIP

  4. Spiderman should be on Xbox One and PC too, only then they'd have more sales, because the game would be more universal.

  5. How about you summarize this entire manga series called arachnid in minutes

  6. The Assassin creed one should have Kassandra and not alexios because only Kassandra is canon

  7. you should do final fantasy x and x-2 for the next 3 minutes video

  8. No doubt why GOW won the GOTY award… The story was beyond the rest of its contenders…

  9. Spider-man did way better than Doctor strange in one of doctors strange comics he had a cure able to cure every single freaking diseases but he had to save the whole world or save his best friend guess what he did


    Freaking what the heck he's so dumb

  10. God of war is wrong, the axe was made for the mother, she was a warrior, it was her last gift to him

  11. Unless you choose kassandra then it’s the exact opposite

  12. We all know red dead 2 has the best story

    Ohh and also god of war (2018)
    Don't kill me please

    And spider-man

  13. You forgot that Arthur gets tuberculosis and dies 4 ways

  14. watching this now, and all i can say is that Kratos looks like the “bottoms up” guy

    if you know, you know

  15. What about Sean,Hosea and lennneeeeyy

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