Video Games You Should Never Play Around Your Parents -

Video Games You Should Never Play Around Your Parents

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Some video games are great fun for the whole family. Other video games are too weird, too dirty, or just too terrible to play in front of your parents. Make sure nobody you love is watching over your shoulder as you play any of these games…

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South Park: The Stick of Truth | 0:23
My Name Is Mayo | 1:04
Duke Nukem Forever | 1:41
Catherine | 2:30
Potato Thriller | 3:12
Soda Drinker Pro | 4:02
Stayin’ Alive | 4:45

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  1. Where is shantae?

    Ya know cause it contains bikini's???

  2. Nah my parents let me buy it for my birthday

  3. my dad gonan boil me in frying pan if he get meplaying such game

  4. u made jesus on cartoon what a rude people u are

  5. Exactly who out there is playing video games in front of or around their parents?

  6. My psrents dont give a freak hehe😉😉😉

  7. You can summon jesus to shoot your eneimes. I died 😂

  8. I think Wolfenstein can be in this category

  9. Xbox 360 Australia censored all the things haha…

  10. I’m surprised none of the Senran Kagura games are in this list lol

  11. Where’s Dante’s Inferno? Now that is a game not to be played around parents.

  12. Lol my mom is chill n finds it funny when i play the fractured but whole around her

  13. I was thinking Oneechanbara Z2 Chaos or Schoolgirl x Zombie Hunter but this list works too.

  14. “Duke Nukem spouts sexist comments” (paraphrasing here).

    Well, that’s actually called “flirting”. That’s what a person does when they want to hook up with someone.

    I guess the narrator doesn’t get that often.

  15. My favorite bad taste game was Trailer Park Hooker.,

  16. I mean kids shouldn't be playing this shit anyways.

  17. Mayo😧?….……… someone have to totally brainwash me to play that😓

  18. Catherine was shit on nintendo ds I thought all the dirty shit was shit and stupid but it does have sexual wet dreams and stupid shert now it's on xbox aswell I walk away from this stupid game I love r18 games just not catherine it's comedy meets revengence of the nerds meets the game is shit 🤣😂

  19. who ever invented that soda game needs to get shot in the head

  20. You sure this video shouldn't be called games you shouldn't play around your kids?


  22. So, advocating kids only play dirty video games far from adults? Interesting.

  23. What other video games would you not want to play around your folks?

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