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Was 2018 The Best Year For Video Games…Ever?

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God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Celeste…this year has been amazing one for video games. But is it THE best? Time for a heated debate!

49 Big Games Coming in 2019:

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  1. Not the best , but it was definitely a really great year for the most part.

  2. Games i loved from 2018
    A Way Out and
    Detroit: Become Human

  3. I didn't hear assassins creed mentioned once in this video, why is it front and center? Because it's an excuse for cuckgn to put a woman in front of men, and one that acts just like a man too. I am very close to boycotting this company

  4. I didn’t realize how many groundbreaking games came out in 98

  5. Fortnite is better than any game out right now. Nothing comes close to Fortnite.

  6. I mean we got the Soulja boy console so it's easily the best year for gaming ever

  7. Why might get The Last Of Us Part II next year so 2019 will be the best year in gaming, obviously

  8. 2018 was the best year for free content from so many games

  9. I think 2017 was a big year and 2018 was a pleasant surprise but we have yet to top 2011.

  10. 1998




    All the years that beat 2018.

  11. 2001 for me. We got MGS 2, Silent hill 2, gta 3, Devil may cry, ssx tricky, Ico, Jak and Daxter, onimusha, halo, and a few more classics with the gamecube like rogue squadron: rogue leader, luigi's mansion, and smash bros melee.

  12. Jared Petty is really prone to hyperbole and declarative statements.

  13. 2018 was the year Monster Hunter finally got back to consoles. Doesn't make it the best year ever, but it made me happy 😂.

  14. I'm still happily stuck, on breath of the wild, 249 hours in, and still Loving it.

  15. Honestly 2017 was better for me. 2018 had great singleplayer games, but it also had it's problems.

  16. That thumbnail, take Kassandra out (transgender in a very overrated game) out and replace her with Celeste or Sadie Adler.

  17. 2015
    Witcher 3
    Fallout 4
    Gta 5 pc
    Rocket league
    Metal gear solid 5
    Cod bo 3
    Batman Arkham Knight
    Life is strange

  18. Imagine Odyssey with RDR2 graphics, with GOW voice acting and with Shadow of War combat.

  19. sorry but 2017 was the best year for video games ever because of super mario odyssey and zelda breath the wild best of the best.

  20. Not even close !! Sure some great games but literally zero innovation in years !! Nothing has changed in the last 5 years of gaming

  21. Bruh have you not heard of the PSP or PSVITA? Switch is not a new thing lol

  22. Red dead redemption was the best game of the year

  23. You forgot to mansion assasin’s creed oddysey as one of the best

  24. That was fun! x') Now you should do game fights! That's what that looked like, and it was great x'D

  25. 2004, because it had half life 2, halo 2, GTA san andreas 😁😁😁😁😁


  27. 2007 made me fall in love with games. It was such a strong year with a lot of quality and revolutionary games.

  28. All I'm saying is Knights of the Old Republic is my favorite game of all time and that will never change

  29. Red Dead Redemption 2
    The Crew 2
    Spider Man
    NBA 2K19
    I can go on

  30. We all know that the best year was actully 2014

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