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Welcome To Fortnite Halloween!

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Fortnite Halloween is Here!
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  1. Only came here cus of arikadou lol sorry

  2. I was really triggered when he didn’t exchange the gray TAC for the purple P90

  3. Yonics1 is my name i need vbuks i have 0

  4. Nobody cares about the video it’s only alucard we care about

  5. literally the whole comment section is about arikadou and how they stole overwatch concepts

  6. Really miss the Halloween update when fortnite was at its prime. Now the story line is just stupid


  8. Chapter 2 anyone… To me it's honestly sad but I still enjoy the game

  9. Lol Arikadou(Alucard) has moved to fornite ;D

  10. dead fire w the six shooter is literally mccree

  11. I'm suprised he didn't recognize him from overwatch

  12. Who else is triggered he left a gold famass for a grey burst edit no he didnt

  13. who's watching this during quarantine 2020 bc no one is uploading

  14. Everyone comments Muselk missed a Scar or a P90 but it really matters if he missed it and won or lost the game like if he lost because he missed a scar that's on him.

  15. Who's Here In 2020 Missing Older Fortnite

  16. The good old days and now it's chapter 2 season 4 wow

  17. I found about your channel by watching Player select on Disney XD

  18. i came back 2 years later just to remember the good ol days when i could have fun playing fortnite i wish to experience that just once more

  19. "it doesnt even feel like fortnite."
    hits harder now 😔

  20. Can’t believe this vid is almost 3 yrs old

  21. I remember this back then🥺life was so good back then too

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