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What Spider-Man Gets Right (and Wrong) About New York City

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Marvel’s Spider-man may have the highest-fidelity recreation of New York City yet in a video game… but it still does some things a little differently. We take a look at the choices Insomniac made in recreating the Big Apple.

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  1. "[The Highline] but it's constantly packed with tourists."

    Like you.


  3. Yea they should have make the map size of Manhattan 13.4 miles why 6.4/2 miles.

  4. I made two dot comments just to make it to 1000 comments

  5. The New York Sanctum from Doctor Strange is missing. I’m not an asshole, I promise.

  6. They replaced an evil, greedy businessman’s building with an evil, greedy businessman’s building

  7. You forgot Avengers tower. It wasn't removed from real life, obviously, but it was a change

  8. Oscorp isn’t actually a replacement for Bloomberg! That office (Lexington Ave) is actually recreated in-game, just about where it is in real life!

  9. I feel like Lego marvel has a good representation for legos

  10. I hope the next Spider-Man game will have the whole New York State

  11. Wth Britta it’s pronounced BAY-GULS not BA-GULS

  12. Complains cus the Avengers "wreck your shit" but when spiderman destroys property it's ok. Sure.

  13. Ah, to be in a time before COVID-19. Y'all were so carefree

  14. Hey New York, why your buildings so big? Sincerely, a concerned Englishmen

  15. but no Woolworth building tho 😕 my fav old skyscraper In nyc. but still insomniac knocked out of the park tho. you feel like you are actually there playing.

  16. I knew they'd leave out Washington Heights smh

  17. What annoys me most about this game is NO ONE SOUNDS LIKE A NEW YORKER

  18. Statue of liberty is pretty good..for a low..poly model

  19. You mean to tell me Comic Con has connections to the Mob?

  20. I love in the heights and I’m pissed that they just cut it out there’s so much history here and it would’ve been great to see the 4 giant buildings right before the Washington bridge

  21. So I liked spiderman since childhood. I played a bit of the Amazing Spiderman. I wonder because I live next to a Clinton Heights in how accurate the neighbors can be. I liked my hometown New York from Spiderman series.

  22. You said that it wouldn’t be New York unless there’s the ESB and I agree but I would say the same thing for the Chrysler Building, but as far as I know, there’s no Chrysler Building in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

  23. Im curious what the sanctum sanctorum looks like in real life 🤔

  24. Forgot to mention Rikers Island position as being inaccurate to real life

  25. I really liked this video and Patrick's Spiderman video 🙂

  26. There is a 9 11 memorial in the game if you go onto 1 of the glass buildings down in the south western side in the game if you look in the building you actually see the twin towers in the glass building but if you look where they should be they aren't there

    Edit:Nevermind I just realised that is a reflection of the tower your already climbing not the twin towers.

  27. Could this chick be any more lame and obnoxious?

  28. I didn't notice that there where npc tour guides in the game and talking about 9/11
    I should pay more attention to the npc In the game.

  29. I lived in Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve been mugged 12 times, never saw Daredevil or Spidey once smh.

  30. I didn’t realize the Avengers tower was really in New York.

  31. "It's constantly packed with tourists"
    Oh, I bet now in 2021 with all the failed businesses you are praying for those tourists to come back.

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