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Where Are The Avengers in Spider-Man on PS4?

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We explain where the Avengers could be in the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4.

Spider-Man’s New York (2004 vs. 2018):

The First 20 Minutes of Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Gameplay in 4K:

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  1. if you still think that theres no avengers but just an easter egg try doing half of the tasks task master had given you and he will attack you and in that fight he will say he has fought the avengers toe to tos

  2. Captain America is in Wakanda
    Iron Man is in Titan
    Thor is in Wakanda
    Hulk is in Wakanda
    Black Widow is in Wakanda
    Hawkeye is nowhere to be found

  3. Why aren’t the avengers in New York at the time it’s getting basically destroyed?


    “Fair Enough”

  4. The sinister six are on a rampage, every convict is running loose in the streets, a deadly plague is sweeping through, and a corrupt mercenary group is holding New York hostage
    They could literally send hulk or Thor in and there would literally be almost no problem

  5. There fighting Thanos while Hawkeye is trying to find a game about himself because he’s jealous of Spider-Man

  6. I completely didn't pick up that west coast avengers reference…..to be honest I didn't think much of it because I wanted to unlock a suit and I needed the token. That is not saying that having the tower in the game is not cool at all.

  7. i think everyone forgot they turned imto dust

  8. Avengers in captain america civil war
    Avengers in spiderman ps4
    Guardian of galaxi in avengers infinity war

  9. Thanks for wasting three minutes of my life 🙏

  10. The new Avengers game by Square Enix is in San Francisco!


  12. Same universe with Marvel’s Avengers as it was hinted on this game that they’re somewhere in the West Coast which is San Francisco. 🎮 Thank you Sony and Insomniac! 🙏🏻

  13. They are on the west coast blowing crap up in the new avengers game lol

  14. This has a whole new meaning with the new Avengers trailer

  15. Makes sense now! Here after the E3 reveal!!!!!!!!!

  16. Spider-Man PS4 and Marvel’s Avengers game are in the same universe!!!! (They were in San Francisco during the E3 Trailer)

  17. I came back from the Avenger's game E3 presentation. Im highly sure this connected to Spiderman's line. Confirmed

  18. They are in San Francisco celebrating their new west cost headquarters

  19. E3 trailer released: v
    Avengers in San Francisco which is in west coast.

  20. Welp now we know they’re building their West Coast HQ

  21. Wow. Spider-Man says Avengers are on the West-Coast. Marvel's The Avengers game at E3 by Square Enix has the Avengers in San Francisco. So does that mean they will work to a cross over game, or will it just be the case that the games will nod to the events of each other with dialogue and other Easter Eggs?

  22. So Spider-Man PS4 is in the Avengers Game Universe

  23. Spiderman said there probably in the West coast somewhere. Also, with the new avengers game that was released at e3, it takes place at San Francisco which is in the west coast. So to conclude, the avengers are in San Francisco while the two games are highly, possibly connected.

  24. I’m here to see if its connected as well, dont worry you arent alone

  25. Im pretty sure it's connected to the new game their in the west coast in the new game 😍😍😍

  26. Avengers are busy in San Francisco in their own game fighting TaskMaster

  27. so that means spiderman ps4 universe has asgard, multiple planets, and aliens?

  28. it's hard not to notice avengers tower
    It took THREE DAYS for me to notice, am i blind or something??

  29. I thought they were busy in infinity war

  30. Yeah they are doing A Day in San Francisco

  31. They are surfing in the west coast not joking spidey said it

  32. One major issue with Insomniac’s explanation, though: When the Devil’s Breath crisis occurred, there is NO way they would not have appeared. Maybe not all of them, but Captain America and Iron Man for sure

  33. Now we know they're in San Francisco in their game

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