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Where Are The Avengers in Spider-Man on PS4?

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We explain where the Avengers could be in the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4.

Spider-Man’s New York (2004 vs. 2018):

The First 20 Minutes of Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Gameplay in 4K:

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  1. Now we know they're in San Francisco in their game

  2. One major issue with Insomniac’s explanation, though: When the Devil’s Breath crisis occurred, there is NO way they would not have appeared. Maybe not all of them, but Captain America and Iron Man for sure

  3. They are surfing in the west coast not joking spidey said it

  4. Yeah they are doing A Day in San Francisco

  5. I thought they were busy in infinity war

  6. it's hard not to notice avengers tower
    It took THREE DAYS for me to notice, am i blind or something??

  7. so that means spiderman ps4 universe has asgard, multiple planets, and aliens?

  8. Avengers are busy in San Francisco in their own game fighting TaskMaster

  9. Im pretty sure it's connected to the new game their in the west coast in the new game 😍😍😍

  10. I’m here to see if its connected as well, dont worry you arent alone

  11. Spiderman said there probably in the West coast somewhere. Also, with the new avengers game that was released at e3, it takes place at San Francisco which is in the west coast. So to conclude, the avengers are in San Francisco while the two games are highly, possibly connected.

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