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Why Spider-Man Fights Like That | Fighting Styles in Games Explained

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Insomniac’s Spider-Man is bringing a bunch of extremely good kicks and flips to the PS4 this September. We take a deep diver into the influences on his combat style, including capoeira and lucha libre.

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  1. I can't express to you how much I love this

  2. That’s why I said that I prefer peters fighting style than miles’ the marital art comat fits Spider-Man’s fighting style perfectly

  3. One thing we gotta talk about is that Spider-Man has never been a small guy. Have you seen him? He's fucking jacked up, and he is definitely not short either. If anything, he is slightly above average height.

  4. I do Capoeira and when I heard that he both, said it right, and somebody was actually talking about it, I was interested

  5. I want to see an updated video covering the Miles Morales game, the combat in that game floored me.

  6. 4:43 I mean, he doesn't use the strength to do so, but he totally could. He's constantly holding back and pulling his punches when fighting so he doesn't kill anyone outright.


    side-eyes Brian's video

  7. Fun fact: shang chi trained spider-man till the point spidey made his own martial arts, it's called "way of the spider", I wonder if in the mcu they'll fight each other

  8. So, Spidey mixed capoeira AND lucha-libre?
    From a brazilian's stand point, that's latino as hell.

  9. Thank you for this great video. Can’t wait to replay the game on ps5 . Sometimes there are just things that we gamers take for granted.

  10. pov: you searched how to fight like spiderman

  11. Capoeira is badass because the dance like movement is there to teach how to dodge gunfire by moving sideways (remember 19th century guns werent automatics) smart and cool.

  12. Considering Spider-Man has enough physical strength to bench press a building and always pulls his punches against non-powered enemies, his Capoeira style moves make a lot of sense if you consider that maybe he doesn't put his strength behind those strikes, instead allowing just the centrifugal force to provide the energy of the blows.

  13. Spiderman also poses like that because he sells the pictures of himself.

    He needs to look stylistic and attention grabbing so he can sell the photos

  14. Can you do a Spider-Man : Miles Morales fighting style

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