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Why Spider-Man Fights Like That | Fighting Styles in Games Explained

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Insomniac’s Spider-Man is bringing a bunch of extremely good kicks and flips to the PS4 this September. We take a deep diver into the influences on his combat style, including capoeira and lucha libre.

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  1. You said three main styles, yet only listed Capoeira and Lucha Libre.

  2. If you've played the silver lining DLC in one mission spiderman tells sable he get his moves from watching movies. So yeah. That's one thing

  3. Since you did Spider-Man. You guys should totally do Silver Sable because Spider-Man states that she just might be the best pure fighter he's ever seen.

  4. Now I’m no martial artist but are we gonna ignore the way he fought in the cutscene where he fights some homeless dudes? Someone give me a fighting analysis on that.

  5. The way of the spider. It's a fighting style he has developed on his own, which works very well for him. Since he also uses his webs, and spider sense to their absolute function and potential. Not to mention that even though spiderman isnt "buff" like the Hulk, he is by no means a weakling. He can hold his own with even the Hulk himself(spiderman can potentially lift 100 tons), due to his strength, skills, agility, speed, gadgets, webs, spider sense, and now combine that with a fighting style that fits him well….VERY OVERKILL.

    Sometimes it just make you question how he controls his punches, just so he doesnt kill people when fighting them.

  6. Pat spider man is pulling punches when hes catching cars.

  7. You have no idea what you're talking about. Spiderman is so strong due to his powers that he struggles to pull his punches and has to take his non powered enemies hits like they've actually landed a strike to prevent their fists from shattering.

    This was portrayed well in the MCU. Spiderman leisurely catches the winter soldier's fist mid air and inspects the "metal arm" approvingly in the MCU's Civila War. In the Infinity War, spiderman casually stops an attack that would've struck an immobilizer Iron Man. The enemy who's name escapes me was robust and strong enough to take hits designed to punish the hulk.

  8. Big fan, but this specific video was extremely hard to watch with recent revelations on the long-term effects of TBI in mind.

    That capoeira head kick made me feel physically sick, like I had clicked on the wrong gif on reddit. The video is honestly excellent, but gleeful depictions of people getting seriously injured is not what I watch Polygon content for.

  9. "spiderman doesnt always have the strength…."
    meanwhile, spidey in canon can lift 50 times his body weight, and is easily strong enough to rip limbs off of human beings on a whim. he uses fluid motions because he needs to pull his punches for fear of turning criminals into meat juice with one punch.

  10. You forgot taekwondo. He did a jumping double kick when he goes under his opponent and attack on the back

  11. My take of Martial arts of spider-man

    Lucha libre/wrestling
    Karate (spidey's uppercut is literally Ken's shuryukin come on guys)
    Muay Thai
    And jiu jitsu

  12. I mean he did say in game that he based his fighting of movies to Silver Sable

  13. When I was playing spider man I noticed the technics are capoeira because my friend trains that martial arts, I've seen the performance before without using the internet.

  14. i remember christie montiero from tekken because he is eddy friend

  15. Ok so you said he had three influences for his fighting style, you talked about capoeira & luche libre, so whats the third influence? I know you talked about his experience in comics, but I was expecting a here's a third or another real world example instead of: here's three influences capoeira, luche libre, and he had multiple fights with baddies…. end video. what's the third influence? because the final talking point is more general than anything that the other two had.

  16. I'm Brazilian, but I didn't know that Spider-Man fights capoeira

  17. If you think about it Spider-Man is stronger than the world breaker hulk because he is pretty much a god tier hero because he is the ultimate spider totem

  18. :me so spooderman spins and then punch big big

    :tombstone hell of a left hook

    :right mate right do ur research

  19. Make another video like this just about Miles

  20. Can you do a Spider-Man : Miles Morales fighting style

  21. Spiderman also poses like that because he sells the pictures of himself.

    He needs to look stylistic and attention grabbing so he can sell the photos

  22. Considering Spider-Man has enough physical strength to bench press a building and always pulls his punches against non-powered enemies, his Capoeira style moves make a lot of sense if you consider that maybe he doesn't put his strength behind those strikes, instead allowing just the centrifugal force to provide the energy of the blows.

  23. Capoeira is badass because the dance like movement is there to teach how to dodge gunfire by moving sideways (remember 19th century guns werent automatics) smart and cool.

  24. pov: you searched how to fight like spiderman

  25. Thank you for this great video. Can’t wait to replay the game on ps5 . Sometimes there are just things that we gamers take for granted.

  26. So, Spidey mixed capoeira AND lucha-libre?
    From a brazilian's stand point, that's latino as hell.

  27. Fun fact: shang chi trained spider-man till the point spidey made his own martial arts, it's called "way of the spider", I wonder if in the mcu they'll fight each other

  28. 4:43 I mean, he doesn't use the strength to do so, but he totally could. He's constantly holding back and pulling his punches when fighting so he doesn't kill anyone outright.


    side-eyes Brian's video

  29. I want to see an updated video covering the Miles Morales game, the combat in that game floored me.

  30. I do Capoeira and when I heard that he both, said it right, and somebody was actually talking about it, I was interested

  31. One thing we gotta talk about is that Spider-Man has never been a small guy. Have you seen him? He's fucking jacked up, and he is definitely not short either. If anything, he is slightly above average height.

  32. That’s why I said that I prefer peters fighting style than miles’ the marital art comat fits Spider-Man’s fighting style perfectly

  33. I can't express to you how much I love this

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