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Why video game doors are so hard to get right

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Doors are hard because all of game development is hard.

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Doors are so common in the real world that you probably don’t stop to think about how to operate them.

But for video game designers, that’s not the case. For a video game door to feel real, it takes a ton of challenging work. Video game doors have to interact seamlessly with their surroundings, make logical sense, and look good too. They have to strike a delicate balance between real-world accuracy and playability.

All these factors mean designing a door usually requires work from every department at a game company.

Different types of doors require different amounts of work. And these same challenges crop up as you try to add almost any element to a game.

Like any great piece of art, the blood, sweat, and tears that go into doors are often invisible. The best doors are the ones that work seamlessly, and go unnoticed. In this video, we talk to Bryan Singh, a game developer, about why doors are so tricky.

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  1. Me browsing YouTube: What should I watch?

    Vox: something something Doors

    Me: That'll do

  2. I think there is a tier missing: disappearing doors. This is what they used in older games with doors where a key or a switch would make the door vanish such as, Legend of Zelda.

  3. In shani signapur India, they have no doors.

  4. I spent 10 minutes not learning why exactly doors are hard to get right

  5. replace the word door in this video with anything that exists in a game and you'll see none of the reasons they gave are uniquely about doors

  6. World struggling with problems like hunger, global warming;
    Meanwhile vox thinking doors are a problem.

  7. Resident Evil 7 doors are pretty good if I do say so myself

  8. Sometimes, you just wanna break on through, to the other side.

  9. Take a shot every time someone says doors 🚪
    Nah don't do that 😅🤣

  10. Free Fire: "Doors? Is that a kind of instrument?"

  11. What always throws me off in videogames is these RPG and flame thrower proof wooden panel doors. I can shoot at them like a mad man, but they will only open if I find that puny little silver key.

  12. Did anyone else get an ad for designer doors during this video??

  13. What about Kingdom Come Deliverance doors? Hopefully in the sequel, door opening is quicker, or an option for that

  14. It's just as hard to make a door right IRL. I've seen some fkd up doors that are just sloppy. 😛

  15. "It's very uncommon in the real world to have a door that opens in both directions."

    Me living in the Philippines : "nope"

  16. There are doors that let you in. And out. But never open.

  17. It shouldn't have taken me this long but I just realized every main pokemon game door is exactly the same since versions red and blue

  18. I love Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. But back in 2004 when that game was made, their door tech was really bad despite their best efforts. Those things were better at getting in your way than the enemies lol

  19. Yakuza Kiwami 2 got the best doors in any videogames ever.

  20. Doors are difficult in terms of collision and animations especially that every other models(walls) to close to door has their own UCX or collsion that is very hard to adjust to its proper size, characters had also invisible collision 1/2 larger than the character mesh. And also camera angles change when going thru doors because TPP Cameras has Spring arms Component attached to the Character mesh. and by the way door swings are easy but character interaction to doors are not. and the difficulties of doors are 2 types; multiplayer and single player. for multiplayer its basiclly hard as it will have replicated door swings and for any character interaction one at a time.P.S the most realistic door so far i known is the door from GTA V police station door. it may seem simple bcoz it doesnt have any lock option as it was just a public swing door but its hard in terms of hand ik than animations as animation are ez to make when having mocap suits but are hard if making them using keying method to replicate realistic human moves.

  21. After watching the whole video, I still feel like I have no idea why our door and video games really that complicated…

  22. I remember listening to the comedy button podcast years ago where one of the guys became a game dev and left. He returned to the show some time later talking about how gruelling and difficult game development was. He couldn’t have been more adamant that doors were insanely hard to get right and they laughed and joked with him about how ridiculous it was that something so mundane could be so difficult to programme. It’s been years but I have always thought about it when gaming. It’s kinda weird to see it’s actually a topic worth analyzing like this. It was an interesting watch 👍

  23. Half Life: Alyx has the best doors, no questions about it.

  24. Just got an ad for doors while watching this.

  25. if last of us spent more time on the plot and not the doors might’ve been a good game

  26. I would love an in depth dive/documentary into the creation of the Last of Us 2

  27. Nobody can beat the doors in COD MW2019 ..

  28. How do you have the post-script to your video contain all the actual content and questions that the video's whole point was to address. Seems very careless.

  29. doors are terrible bottlenecks if you have multiple people pathfind at the same time. each door may actually need a queue.
    you know a game got doors right, if you can lock the door shut, while the door is open, and this combination will not let you close the door without unlocking it.

  30. Dear VOX , are you sure this video get idea from FREE FIRE PLAYER ???

  31. Omg i know some code and gamr engine, really love doing this kind of video, explain detial into, thing tat u look simple, is not equal to ez to made. So ppl respect diff field of thing

  32. Game dev + combat sport? Don’t see cauliflower ears very often on devs lol

    and how much could just come bundled with the engine 🙂 ?

  34. Brian is the kind of developer that we need working in VR. Clearly, he cares a lot about immersion. VR is THE most immersive platform, but it just needs better developers who want to make really high quality games like Last of Us but in the immersive medium of VR.

  35. Kudos to Vox and team for bringing amazing topics/contents to be streamed! These are the few that makes me satisfied to pay for my internet bills!👍👌

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