World of Tanks Dark Front Halloween 2018 Gameplay -

World of Tanks Dark Front Halloween 2018 Gameplay

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WoT Halloween Gameplay Highlights 2018

The event has five man teams. You collect green matter and deposit it back in your base. As you collect enough green matter you will improve the percentage of credits, XP, and free XP that you can earn. There are three types of enemy tanks; light, medium, and heavy. You can see the amount of times you need to pen each one to kill them.

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  1. Wait bro so you are saying there is a new hollowin event? Wow I can't wait to play it =D

  2. Wow i hvnt been on wot for like a week lol

  3. My advice is to run all time,shot on auto,dont stay to much to fight. When you are 2 or 3,then atack from run,zig-zag. On big tanks,one shot is enough to destroy you. play smart

  4. its the most stupid and boring event ever .. u die from 2 shots .. u need 8 -10 shots to kill 1 tank with lowest reloading ever .. and all u do its just drive arround like idiot .. and the best part is u dont have to move at all u can stay afk and the rest will do the job .. and the reward u get is not worth it for the time u spend drive arround .. u dont need skills just click auto aim and thats it .. Mario 1990 need 10 times more brain usage than this event

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