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Worst Games Ever – Daze Before Christmas

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Christmas has literally come early this year for Worst Games Ever, as the next episode is due out on Boxing Day, so enjoy this naughty but nice adventure from the height of Sega’s power. It’s ho-ho-horrible.

#DazeBeforeChristmas #Christmas #WorstGamesEver


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  1. I vote for the Daze Before Christmas music to be the festive alternative to the Sniper 2 theme on the stream intros

  2. Why don’t you do one of those Facebook give always that mean everyone has to like and share a post as well as make sure they’re subscribed? That’ll get you over the line, surely. All for James’ rent!

  3. it's not the best, but it's a solid platforming starring good ol' saint nick himself, i'm giving it a 6/10

  4. The plumbing in my childhood home would scream so loud you could hear it on the street when you flushed the toilet so I'd like to extend a hand of solidarity to the Triple Jump crew in these trying times

  5. The sound from your toilet is the syphon valve failing. It won’t do any thing other than take forever till fill the tank up and the god awful sound. Relatively easy replacement.

  6. hyper magazine reference on triple jump, sweet

  7. The SNES version at least is an incredible platformer. I replay it every year during the Christmas season.

  8. Are there any good Christmas games? Certain games trigger some Christmas nostalgia for me. Snes Zelda especially.

  9. I don’t think this one was even worse than most.

  10. Yey Ben & Peter live! Ish! Its a shame I'm not a gamer so I only watch worst to best or film relates games related but i miss these guys for what culture.

  11. I've got an Advent Calendar it's LEGO Star Wars and I'm posting a photo on the Triple Jump Facebook page every day.

  12. This game looks better than most games they’ve played in the three different versions of this series

  13. Does having wood, not a euphemism in the UK?

  14. Bad game as it may be that menu music is bumpin

  15. Sounds like a washers gone in your intake valve lads.

  16. 'I can only get so erect' – Tiny Peters yearbook quote

  17. Another great video! Merry Christmas everyone

  18. Not that TJ has broken out the festive music, it's REALLY the holidays. Sweet, dudes and/or dudettes!

  19. Fun fact, they do actually have snow in Australia, and you can ski over there, I learned the hard way 😏

  20. Everyone here knows that the title should have been Blaze Before Christmas

  21. TBF this doesn't like nearly as bad as some of the other games*

    *Santa paid me for daze to say that.

  22. If you are reading this please go follow the facebook account so we can stop hearing them talk about it.

  23. I remember around Christmas last year (I think) you play The Lion. The Witch, and the Wardrobe movie tie-in game. That was the first episode of Worst Games Ever I saw.

  24. Kinda cool how the number 1 spot on the high score is tomten. Thats swedish for santa clause

  25. Oh no Team Triple Jump are blasting off again.

  26. i can tell you that just seeing this pop up on my feed made me smile immensely. My brother and I played this and it's a goddamn riot

  27. 14:41 omg that hit me right in the feels
    time for a worst games ever binge

  28. The editing is really top class on this channel !

  29. When the hoovering started I cried laughter juice XD

  30. It always throws me off when I hear about "boxing day." I first heard it mentioned in one of the Harry Potter movies, and was like, "what the hell is that?" I was a kid at the time, mind you, so I just pictured people beating the shit out of each other on one particular day. They also said "Happy Christmas", instead of "Merry" in HP, which I had also never heard anyone else say before. Just figured Harry was a hipster on that one, and was trying to be purposely different.

  31. The edited in this video was immaculate. Bravo. ♥️

  32. I’d say this would be more like a weirdest games ever. While this is far from being a great game, wouldn’t consider it so bad to be featured on worst games.

  33. So aggravating watching him go to the same places in a level over and over and over and over.

  34. Santa on the candy cane poles had me rolling.

  35. Daze before Christmas. ? I never heard of it. Sounds horrible.

  36. Wombey game or sex doll, which one goes on your Chrissie List?

  37. TIL that I’m anywhere near 8-10 years old then the guys… oof. But also I have a crazy memory of playing this game that I didn’t even know I had. So that’s fun

  38. Come on peeps. In 1 in 4 viewers go follow the FB page they’ll get to 10k.

  39. I seem to remember interacting with one of those at primary school. Such a Mark Zuckerberg thing to say hahaha

  40. World Carnage is My favorite vídeo Game genre

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