YOGSCAST HALLOWEEN WEEK! - Spooky VR! w/ Ben & Tom - 31st October 2018 - friv2018games.net

YOGSCAST HALLOWEEN WEEK! – Spooky VR! w/ Ben & Tom – 31st October 2018

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Welcome to Yogscast Halloween Week!

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Ben & Tom play some Total War: Warhammer II in this weeks stream!

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  1. I love watching toms nerves of steel. How he comments on everything he sees

  2. I love Warhammer Fantasy RP! Awesome setting. The first edition has so much charm too >.< I loved that book.I really hope you guys end up playing it. It's been a while since we got a nice roleplay on the GN channel.

  3. Lol the amount of jump scares i experienced is ridiculous

  4. The D&D is my favorite part of the yogs boys, I still watch yogsquest.

  5. YAYYYYYYY MY 3 favourite things! Tom, VR and HALLOWEENE

  6. You want scary VR?`
    Alien Isolation has a VR Mode.

  7. Please Tom and Ben senpai! Alien Isolation normal or VR!

  8. Tom is the best thing to happen to the yogs. He really picked up the slack when Simon dissapeared, and seems to be the guy that brought Simon back.

  9. That first game is not scary its just a bunch of cheap bought sound effects hears hundreds of times before. Shit game.

  10. Not even 50 seconds in and I already love it

  11. I quite enjoyed this. I always love you two working together. A real jay and silent bob. But i have never seen you guys play a scarey game before. So good on ya! hope to see more

  12. First game is super dark and hard to see

  13. A shame to see Tom shit talk SCPs so much knowing very little of how good it is…

  14. I want ben and tom play VR to be a thing

  15. Alien Isolation would've scared the poo out of you.

  16. Every time ben lifts up his arms you can see his little belly. It looks like he's wearing a kids shirt, lmao

  17. Gotta love this duo

    I was not ready for the spook momo

  18. Came for the spookums stayed for the walking

  19. Holy crap when that fucking door opened at 8:58 I literally shat myself, because I wasn't really watching and my headphones create the perfect surround sound. I fucking jumped to tell you that much…

  20. oh my god the stream is good but please stop with creepy faces, steve ;_;

  21. At 1:45:54 tom is just like “what the hell” and he does that weird shrug

  22. the pale ghost overlays on pitch black background are fucking painful for my poor eyes

  23. 2:32:35 No Answer! (AIDS choked under pressure) and at 2:35:26 ( (its O.K. AIDS, it happens to everyone) I just found that funny

  24. stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in says:

    This is uncomfortably close to that epic black mirror episode

  25. The description says total war, but this don’t look like war hammer to me

  26. “‘Me getting spooked is spooky”
    Hmm yes, the floor here is made out of floor.

  27. Took some digging but I figured it out.
    SCP-173 was first posted June 22nd, 2007.
    Doctor Who episode "Blink" which first premiered the weeping Angels was aired on June 9th, 2007.
    So weeping Angles came first, and SCP-173 came very shortly after.

  28. Just the walking stuff in the beginning and was already rolling

  29. Ben at 41:04says 'nah it'll be alright' to height calibration
    also Ben at 44:50complains about hovering over the ground and not being able to pick up the little box

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